Massage Therapy Services - Tyler, Texas


My Recovery-$85 For an Hour, $120 For an Hour and a Half

A customized massage therapy experience that relaxes mind, body and soul while incorporating a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and sport massage technique, as individual as the person requesting. Organic massage oil is used to provide a nourishing medium for bodywork delivery.

**Essential Oils are used throughout all massages on an as-needed basis with proper clearance from each individual client. Please disclose prior to your massage if any health concerns or known sensitivities to essential oils are present. I will always ask before applying any essential oils to the skin, however, aromatherapy is generally present during massages unless otherwise requested. It is also important to note I am not a certified Aromatherapist and do not profess to that standard. All essential oils are used solely for the enhancement of the massage experience.

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“Laura is so skilled and kind! I left her practice feeling amazing at 39 weeks of pregnancy (and was very pleased to have my baby 2 days later.)”
— Abby R.