Postpartum Massage Therapy - Tyler, TX

"This was an amazing experience and so helpful with all of the pregnancy aches and pains. I would highly recommend getting a massage here!"

-Stacey W.


My Postpartum-$85 For an Hour, $120 For an Hour and a Half

A full body massage that provides needed relief from tense muscles for new mothers. Special focus on the abdominal walls supports the body’s natural healing and realigning. Massage also addresses postural imbalances that occur during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and works with muscles to reeducate proper positioning. Organic massage oil is used to nourish the skin throughout this process. This massage is recommended up to 6 weeks postpartum. For those who have underwent a C-Section, it is recommended usually two weeks postpartum when the incision heals, or when a doctor releases you for massage. 

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**Essential Oils are used throughout all massages on an as-needed basis with proper clearance from each individual client. Please disclose prior to your massage if any health concerns or known sensitivities to essential oils are present. I will always ask before applying any essential oils to the skin, however, aromatherapy is generally present during massages unless otherwise requested. It is also important to note I am not a certified Aromatherapist and do not profess to that standard. All essential oils are used solely for the enhancement of the massage experience.