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This supportive, postpartum recovery therapy, is wonderful for mothers who want to speed up recuperation after having a baby. It’s a new take on the wisdom of ancient asian doulas. But with a modern, professionally trained therapist, your posture and bodily alignment can be restored quickly with sustaining, tranquil comfort.


Bengkung belly binding

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What is Bengkung Belly Binding?

Bengkung Belly Binding, also know as an abdominal binder or belly band, is a postpartum wrap that physically supports and enhances the recovery process after childbirth. This therapeutic and postpartum technique uses a long wrap to cover and support the mother’s abdomen. For most women, the belly binding goes around both the hips and ribcage as well. Mothers are encouraged to be wrapped as soon after birth as possible so they can get the most benefit from the belly bind. Once applied, it is worn for up to six weeks, 8-12 hours a day to support the healing process.


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What Are The Benefits of This Postpartum Wrap?

The belly wrap gives postural support to the mother’s torso and internal organs while they return to their original pre-pregnancy state. In addition, it aids in the healing of the abdominal wall. This light, counter pressure is wonderful on the torso as it quickens healing through the  reduction of water, fat and air in the wearer’s tissue.


  • Supports diastasis recti repair

  • Allows uterus to contract efficiently

  • Stabilize loose ligaments

  • Prevent and relieve lower back aches

  • Prevents slouching while feeding or holding your baby

  • Protects against hernias


Expecting mothers can also wear a Begnkung Belly Bind to help prevent back spasms and round ligament pain.


How much does it cost?

A One Hour Instruction Session is $75.

You can also purchase a boutique, reversible wrap for $95.


Need support? Book a Bengkung BINDING Session Today.

“Laura is amazing at what she does, very warm, inviting & incredibly skilled hands paired with all the right essentials needed to prime my body for birth. Incredibly thankful I got to experience a birth prep massage, it was so relaxing. Love the benkung belly wrap wish i’d gotten it sooner for support. Super excited for my newborn to benefit from Laura’s touch/CFT therapy after birth. Highly recommend her to anyone in need. She fixed my mom right up after a week of neck pain and headache. What a blessing she is. Thank you! Thank you!”
— Melissa M.


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