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What Friends of the Practice are saying:


"Laura is an absolute gem!! The all time best prenatal message and pre birth stretching!!!! My entire labor and birth was only 6 hours long. She also help with my Little Gresham’s Cranial Sacral after he was born. He is tongue tied & has a huge roof of his mouth. He is now 10 months old and the BEST eater out of my 4 kids. Laura is so kind, caring and one of the most peaceful people I have ever known. I could have just sat and talked to her for hours like we were old friends" -Kristin T.

"Laura is so skilled and kind! I left her practice feeling amazing at 39 weeks of pregnancy (and was very pleased to have my baby 2 days later.)"-Abby R.

"Laura is amazing at what she does, very warm, inviting & incredibly skilled hands paired with all the right essentials needed to prime my body for birth. Incredibly thankful I got to experience a birth prep massage, it was so relaxing. Love the benkung belly wrap wish i’d gotten it sooner for support. Super excited for my newborn to benefit from Laura’s touch/CFT therapy after birth. Highly recommend her to anyone in need. She fixed my mom right up after a week of neck pain and headache. What a blessing she is. Thank you! Thank you!"-Melissa M.

"This was an amazing experience and so helpful with all of the pregnancy aches and pains. I would highly recommend getting a massage here!"-Stacey W.

"Laura is wonderful!! She was so patient while working with my 4month old. She came highly recommend before and after my son had his lip tie & tongue revised. I can already see a huge difference and I'm forever grateful for her amazing work!"- Erin W.