MercyTouch provides relaxing massage therapy in Tyler, TX.

Our licensed and registered therapist offers a range of body massage services to patients of all age ranges. Also, because our massage center is a local East Texas practice, you can have peace of mind that there is a gentle therapy service near you. You can call today or book a session below. All sessions are by appointment only.


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How can you benefit from our massage therapy services?

According to a 2007 National Health Interview Survey, nearly 19 million U.S. citizens received massage therapy the year before. So you know you’re in good company. But how, exactly, does it work? Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissues within the body so they can be restored back to their correct state and posture. This is normally done when a therapist applies gentle pressure, which in turn, causes healthy movement in the body of the patient.


Are their clinical advantages to therapeutic massage?

Massage therapy also has a number of clinical advantages. For example, massage is known to reduce anxiety, improve motor development in infants, reduce psycho-emotional distress and enhance the healing of tissue. All of which provide a number of benefits including:

  • Provide greater range of muscular motion

  • Improve the circulation of blood and lymph

  • Relieve headaches and eyestrain

  • The reduction of muscle tension or stiffness

  • The relief of muscle spasms

  • Significantly increase the of bodily movement

  • Support skin health

  • Improvement of a patient’s posture

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety


What can you expect from your therapy session?

Before a session, our therapist will usually ask new clients about their symptoms, medical history, and results they hope to receive. An evaluation, through touch, may also be performed to locate any painful or tense areas. This may also help determine the amount of pressure to apply and any trigger points your massage may have.


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“Laura is an absolute gem!! The all time best prenatal message and pre birth stretching!!!! My entire labor and birth was only 6 hours long. She also help with my Little Gresham’s Cranial Sacral after he was born. He is tongue tied & has a huge roof of his mouth. He is now 10 months old and the BEST eater out of my 4 kids. Laura is so kind, caring and one of the most peaceful people I have ever known. I could have just sat and talked to her for hours like we were old friends”
— Kristin T.