Bengkung Belly Binding


How-to Session-$75.00

Combination Buy-$150.00

Bengkung Belly Binding is an historic method of postpartum recovery used in many cultures around the world. The wrapping of the abdomen postpartum is touted to assist muscular healing, aid the pelvis in returning to its pre-pregnancy state, skin tightening, low back support and more. Pregnant mothers are also encouraged to try BBB when low back, broad and round ligament, and mid-back muscle spasming are present. A session is booked (in most cases) prior-to delivery. This includes a patterned, 18 yard wrap of the clients choosing, and one-time application of warming paste. The session can be held at both Mercy Touch or in the comfort of your own home, for no additional charge. Yourself and a partner if willing (not required) will be taught how to wrap you for the next 40 days. Wraps are to be worn eight to twelve hours a day for the next 40 days postpartum  This a multifaceted way to both assist your body in healing post-birth, but too, gives you a moment in each day to focus on yourself and your recovery. Pair with postpartum massages for added gain. Please contact Mercy Touch through phone or email to ask questions and book your Bengkung Belly Binding Session.